CheckFlow — organize easily!

Documents work terrible in enterprise. Nobody read docs! CheckFlow easily explains the rules to employees. Checkflow is workflows and checklists together. Easy to develop rules, easy to understand, easy to follow and control.


Why Checkflow was invented

The creator of the checkflows has been changing workflows in a large company for a long time. It quickly became clear: regulations and complex notations of business processes - so-so tools. He decided to combine flat checklists and workflows. So the checkflows have been invented. The creator made sure in practice that this tool works. Try it too!

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What advantages

Checkflows Business process notations: IDEF, BPMI, Cross flow chart, etc. Regulations and instructions
Complexity of understanding

A person quickly understands the requirements and rules of work.


Training will be required.


Any employee can read. But efforts are needed to correctly understand the information from a large document.

Speed of understanding

СЕО, CIO or other manager very quickly understand the essence of the requirements.


A multi-sheet Cross Flow chart will discourage everyone to understand!


А responsible employee will take a long time to figure out what they want from him. The manager will not find time to read multipage documents.


Often fits on one screen or A4 sheet. Therefore, it is used more often.


Bad in print, in electronic you have to scroll.


A multi-page document in which it can be difficult to find what you need.

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